Major Characters


    Peak is a fourteen year old boy who has, recently, gotten himself into a bit of trouble. Climbing skyscrapers in New York City didn't seem to work out when he was spotted by the S.W.A.T. team while nearing the top of the Woolworth Building. Peak was arrested for illegal tresspassing and tagging the buildings he climbded with a blue moutain. Peak attended the Greene Street School. A school for extrodiarily talented children from kindergartent to high school. "Peak is our writer!!!" declared the headmisstress. I would have prefered to be their climber, but GSS doesn't recognize sports as a worthy human endeavor." Peak doesn't think of himself as "extrordiarily talented" at all, but his mentor, teacher, Vincent feels otherwise. He thinks Peak is epecially talented in writing and language arts, this is quite clear to the reader because Peak is writing this documentary, the book, for an end of school project. Peak is passionate, shy, and persistent. Peak is especially passionate about climbing and his family.  One quote that defines his passion for climbing is "climbing is addictive. Once you've started you just ca't stop; you're hooked." We feel that Peak is an extraordinarily complex individual. From mountain climbing to family he is always giving all he has. His determination and persistence is incorporated into everything he does. Peak had to go through some bad times in his youth including his parents separating and his mother getting married to a man he hardly knew, Rolf. Even though many unfortunate things have happened to Peak over the years he continues to pursue his dreams.

Joshua Wood

    Joshua Wood is Peak's father. When Peak was in court, trying to defend himself, Josh, surprisingly, showed up. The court wanted to get Peak out of the press as soon as possible because, recently, there was a boy who attempted to climb a skyscraper and fell. The boy died. The press were blaming Peak for  this tragedy because the boy had pictures of Peak on his bedroom walls and may articles about him. Josh had a solution. He told the courts that he could take Peak to Tibet, where he was living at the moment, and put him in an English school. This solved the problem completely, so the courts agreed. Peak and Josh would be flying out that night. Peak soon found out that his father didn't just agree to taking him because he wanted some responsibility for Peak and because he was doing what courts said, he wanted Peak because if he could get him to the top of Mt. Everest it would be amazing publicity for him and his mountain climbing company, Peak Experience (this was NOT named after Peak). We think that Josh is very becoming, but also quite sly and cagy. You never know how he thinks, and what he is up to.


    Zopa was the best sherpa that Josh had ever met. He is now a monk at the age of sixty. Peak first met Zopa when Josh made him in charge of getting Peak to Base Camp (Josh had to go up ahead to Base Camp to check on his clients). Zopa was recruited by Josh to help Peak get to the top of Mt. Everest. Zopa was in charge of keeping Peak alive when Josh had to lead another team up the mountain. Like Josh, Zopa is sly and cagey. No one ever knows what his motivation for doing something is. Despite this attribute, Zopa is a kind, fun loving man. We feel that Zopa was a very good friend of Peak's. Towards the end of the book Zopa almost became a second father to Peak.


    Sun-jo is Zopa's grandson. Sun-jo is the same age as Peak and, like Zopa, a sherpa. He never used to be a sherpa, but he needed to earn more money for his sisters to attend their boarding school. Things had gotten a lot tougher for his family since his father died while saving Joshua on Everest. Sun-jo's main goal is to get across the border into Nepal because he wasn't welcome in Tibet since the Chinese invaded. Sun-jo and Peak share the same passion for climbing, as this quote clearly shows "As I got dressed, I watched him checking out the equipment, and I knew he was a climber. No one else would fondle gear as lovingly." Sun-jo is a kind, down to earth, friendly guy. He always tells the truth and does his best.

Minor Characters

Peak's Mom and Step-Dad

    Peak's mom and step-dad have always been very supportive of him. Even though Peak didn't fully consider his step-dad, Rolf, part of the family, in the middle of the book, while Peak is up on Everest, he gets letters from his family. Rolf's letter simply consists of "Hang in there, Peak. I miss you. I want you home. Love, Rolf." After recieving this letter from Rolf, Peak warmed up to him. Peak's mom used to be a climber, but one day when peak was young she fell and brok her back. She lived, but now she doesn't climb anymore and her back is a bit stiff. Overall, Peak thinks fondly of his parents and misses them on his trip to Mt. Everest.

Paula and Patrice

These are Peak's younger, twin sisters. They are five years old and also attend GSS. They both greatly look up to Peak. Peak and them have always been great friends and they never fight. The twins is what Peak misses most back home.

Yogi and Yash

    Yogi and Yash are two brothers that helped Peak and Sun-jo get to the top of Everest. These two brothers were originally just along to help out, but when Zopa got so sick that he couldn't lead the way for Peak and Sun-jo, Yogi and Yash took full responsibility. They are soly responsible for getting Sun-jo and Peak up to the top. The two brothers do not speak English so their thoughs and feelings were never conveyed through the book. They seem like very nice, hard working individuals, but it is hard to tell because thery never spoke.